Court Street Apartments

The Best Court Street Apartments Go Fast

You’ve decide you’ve had enough of living in the residence halls, and you’re ready to find a place off campus. We can help. Why not choose an apartment in the very heart of what’s happening in town? With our Athens Ohio Court Street apartments, you get well maintained, affordable places to stay that are near the Ohio University campus as well as the nightlife centered in the uptown area. On Court Street, you’ll find numerous restaurants, shops, coffee houses, and bars. With whatever is happening in Athens, chances are, it’s happening close to Court Street.

Find the Amenities You Want in an Apartment

Location is important, but it’s also good to get the amenities you’re looking for when searching for a place to live. Our properties include detailed information about available features. A popular option is having on site washers and dryers for clothes. No more waiting for a visit home, hauling mounds of dirty clothes to be cleaned, or spending a dull afternoon watching clothes spin in a Laundromat. Pop in your wash, then hang out on the front porch or on a backyard deck. Whether you choose to live in one of our Athens Ohio Court Street apartments, or somewhere nearby, we have what you want.

We Have a Wide Selection of Athens Ohio Court Street Apartments

With more than 175 properties to choose from, some on Court Street, others still within walking distance of campus, we’re confident you’ll find an apartment that appeals to you. If you want a place large enough for you and your friends, it’s possible to search listings by the number of units in a location. You can find a place with enough space for all your friends, or if you want a place that’s a bit more private, you can find that too. While our Athens Ohio Court Street apartments in the heart of the uptown area, there are also great neighborhoods nearby.

We Make it Easier to Find a Place to Live

To help you find the place that fits who you are, we provide a great deal of information for your convenience. And when you’ve located properties that interest you, all it takes is a phone call, an email, or a visit to our offices to get help from one of our knowledgeable staff. Forms are available for download on our site, so print our rental application and get started. Lease documents are also available. There’s much more to your college experience than tests and term papers; it’s also about who you meet and what you do. Start the next semester off the right way in one of our Athens Ohio Court Street apartments or other properties.

When Second isn’t Good Enough, Pick the Best Place to Rent in Athens Ohio

For many, the time people spend in college will be an experience that sticks with them all their life. Why build memories about some awful place you stayed while you were in school when you can make your memories awesome ones by picking the best place to rent in Athens Ohio? We encourage you to ask around about our reputation, and we’re confident you’ll learn that we offer some of the best rentals in Athens Ohio. Our properties are top notch and come with amenities that make your life easier. Plus we have tons of places near campus and the Uptown area.

Are You Looking For Athens Ohio Rentals?

If you’ve been counting the days until you were allowed to live off campus, we have more than 175 units to choose from. We know location is important to you, so we have a wide selection located within walking distance of campus and the uptown area. For your convenience, you may locate our Athens Ohio rentals on our interactive map, so you’ll know exactly where in town you’ll be living. Our properties come with a variety of amenities, and our properties are well maintained, yet affordable. To get started, download a rental application. For more information, please call or email us or drop by our offices.